Posted by: Sally Ingraham | September 14, 2009

Photographs, finally!

It’s an absolutely perfect September day – sunny, with the slightest chill to the air. Unfortunately I’ve spent much of it indoors so far, but chores must be done. I had to drive to Ellsworth to find an internet connection strong enough to upload pictures, and to my great satisfaction I have finally accomplished that task – all of the few good photos I have taken this year are now tucked away on my Flickr site.

It is interesting to me that I spent such a large part of last year and the winter before taking photographs, with an intent and focus that I had never before felt. Then abruptly this spring I abandoned the effort. I am still puzzling out why this pattern seems to prevail in my life – artistic phases, whether it be drawing, painting, knitting, photography, or writing, that spring up and fill me with interest, and then die away for some reason or another. I seem to lack the extra drive that pushes true artists to perform, to create. I can’t seem to hit upon the right material with which to express myself. I think I am just lazy, or perhaps I just don’t have an all consuming something to tell the world yet. And so I continue to muddle through my phases. Oh well. It will all work out in the end!

Here’s a selection from my summer adventures:
Exploring the coastline on Deer Isle, on land owned by Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, my boyfriend and I discovered some “rock play”. June 2009.
Cilley BridgeRock Play
The day after we attended the Vermont Brewers Festival, my boyfriend and I drove down Rt. 110 looking for covered bridges – here’s the Cilley Bridge. July 2009.

We also checked out the Quechee Gorge in VT, and then drove home to Maine over the Kancamagus Pass, NH. July 2009.

Looking DownriverKancamagus Pass 2

Our most recent adventure was a trip to Baxter State Park to hike Doubletop. We’ve hiked Mt. Katahdin several times already, so we decided to check out a different peak. While it is only 3489″, compared to Katahdin’s 5267″, it proved to be a steep and interesting hike and the views from the top were incredible. It was also one of the loveliest weekends of the entire summer. 🙂
Doubletop from bridge over Nesowadnehunk StreamView from South Peak
Mt. Katahdin and CompanyThe feet the climbed the mountain

In spite of all the rain we had this summer (we broke records in June for the most days of rain!), it seems like I’ve almost always had good weather on my days off. This has made for a summer busy with work, but full of play as well, and almost enough time for reading too! All in all, a great summer. I am very much looking forward to a pleasant autumn, and am eager for long winter days when my work schedule will be greatly reduced and there is plenty of time to read, and maybe get a little artistic again in some form. 🙂


  1. Your photographs are beautiful! They are lovely examples of the beautiful country we live in. I was thriilled when I read that a few of your pictures were of Deer Isle and land of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. My aunt spend several summers on Deer Isle and at Haystack. I sailed to visit her with my uncle and family from the ground where Wooden Boat Magazine was once published…Blue Hill area maybe?? I can’t remember quite where it was but I definitely remember Deer Isle!
    Love your feet in that one pic, cool perspective!

    ~ Amy

  2. Fantastic pics!! Although the last one gave me vertigo… 🙂

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