Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 24, 2009

No Time to Blog

This lack of internet at my house is getting irksome. I have been filling my time with plenty of meaningful activities – reading, watching movies, playing outside, working, socializing – and these things fill up a day faster than you could imagine, leaving no time left between 10 in the morning (when the library opens) and 3:30 in the afternoon (when Reel Pizza duty calls) to get to the library and blog.

Even today, when it was my firm intent to write at least three (3!) blog entries, I find myself now glancing at a clock that reads 2:26 p.m. and wondering how it got that late already. What did I do today that took up so much time?

Let’s see, I rose promptly at 8:30 a.m. (ha!) and checked my e-mail via my iPhone. Then I wrote down my thoughts about pages 15-43 of Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust which I had read before falling asleep the night before. Following that I made breakfast and ate oatmeal with blackberries while reading pages 43-48 of Swann’s Way. Then I flipped through a book about art journals while drinking tea, and read a chapter of a book about quilting.

Just a WallBy then it was somehow, incredibly, already nearing 11 o’clock. I decided it was time for my short walk and quickly got dressed and grabbed my camera and left the house. An hour and a half later, after walking up to Old Farm Road and trekking about in the woods along Sol’s Cliffs, and then walking all the way back into town, I found myself in Sherman’s Bookstore picking up a new sketchbook and looking for a birthday present for a friend. This took about thirty minutes – and I didn’t even find a suitable gift.

I then rushed home, took a shower, dressed for the post-Christmas party I am attending tonight after work, ate some lunch, and ran over here to the library. After uploading a couple of pictures to Flickr I find myself with less than an hour left to write those three blog entries before work. (This one that I’m writing now is not one of them!)

Thus a day passes. So much to do, so little time. But what a GOOD time I’ve been having filling those hours, even if there’s never enough of them. That is what’s more important, I suppose, then a constant stream of gratuitous blogging about me doing nothing in particular. Or something like that.

Even so, perhaps it is time to get internet at my house?

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