Posted by: Sally Ingraham | December 31, 2008

The Deal

I sat down last night and wrote a hard copy version of the deal I have made with myself. The deal is this: I will work only at Reel Pizza this winter and summer, on the condition that I fill my excess amount of free time with projects, study, and exercise. If I get lazy and unproductive, I will have to get a second job. I make enough at the theater to get by, so an extra job is just extra money – useful, but not necessary. However if I don’t spend my free time wisely or constructively, it would be better to be working.

This deal will hopefully be the extra incentive I sometimes need to get myself to focus and accomplish meaningful things. I have goals and ideas for the winter, and I wrote those down too so that I wouldn’t have only good intentions to go on. I need lists, and a fat marker to make fat check marks with!

This deal is my New Year’s resolution I suppose. What it embodies is my desire to get strong this year, mentally and physically. I need to keep the creative juices flowing, and start producing finished products. I have so many resources and interests building up within and around me. It’s time to make something of them, and of myself.

It should be an interesting winter. I have a couple of photography books I want to put together, and a mountain bike to research and purchase. I have knitting and sewing projects that have been hanging around unfinished for years that I want to complete. I have some serious school work that needs to be put behind me. My inquisitiveness has been stirred up by my travels, to the extent that I now want to thoroughly investigate the stories and history of MDI. And as always, there are trails to hike and photographs to be taken.

I’m pretty sure this blog will be busy this winter too, as the ready outlet for all that I discover and learn. Be prepared! One of my goals is to write everyday, and I intend to reverse the sentiment this blog has proclaimed since it’s conception – what we’ll have here will no longer be a failure to communicate.

That reminds me – another one of my winter goals is to watch Cool Hand Luke again. 🙂

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