Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 13, 2008

Re-visiting the Hio Road

I am in my last whirlwind week of work. It’s also the final week before my big trip, so I am scrambling to figure my packing out and make sure all my tickets are proper and my finances are sorted out. I keep thinking that I should be stressed out, but in reality I am pretty calm. I think everything is going to go really smoothly. As soon as I get through the security at the first airport, all will be well.

We got through at Reel Pizza on Monday, and now we are cleaning. The closing party Tuesday night cleared out the remaining food and beverages, so there are just floors to be scrubbed and couches to be vacuumed and toilets to be filled with chemicals – all that good stuff. Meanwhile, at Amy’s store we are also closed, and have been feverishly counting every last item of merchandise – inventory galore. Interesting days, filled with music and pastry and coffee and wet rags and comaraderie.

I got an iPhone over the weekend. I used the excuse of my trip and it’s usefulness as a tool to finally allow myself to get one. I am very happy with it. Being able to access the internet from almost any point is great, and streaming music over Pandora is such fun. These points make it worth it right there and there are so many other ways that it is useful. Yay, fun toys! 🙂

Hio RoadI went walking with Lea Ellen the other day, and we took the Hio Road, out behind Seawall. I remember walking on that road when I was little. Dad picked it out of the guide book during one of our vacations to the Island. My sisters and I were unimpressed. It was a long road to nowhere, back when my legs were shorter! Tuesday morning the road was cool and pleasant, and there was wonderful lichen on the trees and a fantastic sky once we got to the ocean.

I realized once again how grateful I am to be living here on MDI, where even in the drabbest of months when the trees are drooping and there isn’t any snow yet to lend some sparkle to the landscape, you can still find soul stirring beauty. I’m getting ready to take off and find new sights and sounds, and while I am excited about it, it is nice to know that when I come home I will be returning to something that is, in it’s own way, no less fantastic than the orange sands of New Mexico, or the craggy peak of Mt. Rainier.
Spotlight on the Mountain


  1. MDI is indeed a special place, and a good place to come home to. See you soon for NM.

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