Posted by: Sally Ingraham | November 1, 2008

Skeletons and Marigolds

Now that the spooks have gone dutifully back to the underworld, let’s take a moment to remember our dearly departed.
Day of the Dead is a celebration of life – the lives of those who have passed on. Marigolds are the “flower of the dead”, and their scent is believed to draw the souls of our family and friends closer. Interestingly, on both Halloween and the Day of the Dead the spirits of the otherworld are said to return, but unlike the freaks bent on making mischief that populate Halloween night, these are friendly, peaceful ghosts, who are welcomed with joyous feasting and flowers. There’s nothing fearful about the dancing, laughing skeletons.

marigoldSo here are some marigolds for several of my uncles and aunts, one set of grandparents, the little old lady from down the street, and everyone else who has touched my life and then passed on. I’ll take a moment here to picture them dancing together, rattling cheerfully as they turn and spin, kicking up their ankle bones, eye sockets sparkling. For today let the departed join the living in celebration of the continuum of life! 🙂


  1. There is always a day of the dead display at the museum in Harlingen when the Rio Grande Festivals meets there for the opening ceremony. I will take some pictures for you.

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