Posted by: Sally Ingraham | April 21, 2008

Warbler Sighting

My, my, time is flying by.

Between working at Reel Pizza, and at Our New England Country Store, and training for the Avon Walk, and working on my store at, and doing all the other fun and interesting things that pop up, like attending the Earth Day celebration at COA last Saturday, and going to Wii parties at a friend’s house…my time is completely booked.

Thank goodness I posses the ability to slow my life down every now and then so that certain moments last a long time – such as the other day when I saw my first warbler of the year while out walking. Tiny and yellow (Yellow Warbler, I believe!) it sent a ‘zing’ of delight through me.

While dancing the night away at the COA music extravaganza was joyous in it’s own right, it’s those other kinds of moments that help me get through a day that’s tied up in working.

Little moments, yellow feathery treasures.

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