Posted by: Sally Ingraham | March 28, 2008

Saabs and Dulcimers

I found this while reading Robin McKinley’s blog (which I am quickly becoming obsessed with). It satisfies my need for good music, and precision driving.

Robin McKinley’s blog satisfies my need for peeking into a published and respected writer’s real life and reassuring myself that it is not so different from my own. Also, her “hellhounds”=awesome.

I spent an hour and a half listening to the owner of Song of the Sea, the music store in Bar Harbor, play most of the instruments that he sells the other day. My roommate and I went in to look at mandolins, because she wants to learn how to play one, and we ended up being treated to a veritable concert. I left the store knowing something new about myself.

dulcimerI want, and perhaps even need, one of these:
Why? Because it makes half a dozen different interesting sounds and can be used in a variety of different musical styles. It is basically a cross between a piano, a violin, and a guitar; you can pick it, bow it, and finger it. Best of all, although it is called a dulcimer (mountain dulcimer), you don’t have to use those ridiculous hammers!!


  1. check out:

  2. Thanks for the link. I am thinking I will get one from Song of the Sea though – I am very into supporting the local stores, and that guy was SO cool.

    I mentioned you to him – told him you love his store and have bought kits and harps and things from him. He was pleased.

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