Posted by: Sally Ingraham | March 3, 2008

Sick of Bill Conti

I spent most of yesterday sleeping, while my boyfriend tinkered around the house and made astonishing amounts of food, which he would try to get me to eat any time I seemed awake enough to do so.

I was ill for the first time in almost a year, and although I can readily admit that I was not very sick, I certainly made the most of the situation. Sleeping for most of the day did seem to help a lot, and today I feel much better.

Because my boyfriend felt too lazy to figure out how to operate my iPod, he kept a steady stream of movies playing, so that he would have some noise to keep him company while his little girlfriend slept the day away. Grumpy Old Men, The Princess Bride, French Kiss, and The Thomas Crown Affair wove their way through my dozing dreams.

I appreciate the fact that he stuck to mellow movies, but now, a day later, the dashing leaping almost frantic piano score of the Thomas Crown Affair is still running through my head, imprinting itself further on my soggy, still sickly brain. Oh, Bill Conti, why couldn’t you have stuck to writing the scores for things like Rocky and other movies I don’t have any interest in seeing…?

I want to take my poor head back to bed today, but I have to work and move to my new apartment and do other things that prove again to me how far I have come from my childhood, when getting sick meant lying in bed for days on end, reading book after book after book after book…. 🙂

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