Posted by: Sally Ingraham | February 22, 2008

Lunar Touched

I was reminded again of Kurt Vonnegut’s words, “…someone somewhere wants us to like it here” when I watched the lunar eclipse the other night from my back deck in Seal Harbor. It was just so cool to see! I felt like a kid, full to bursting with excitement, ready to jump up and down one minute, and then the next minute gone still against the glass of the sliding door, wide-eyed with wonder, leaving fingerprints and breath fog on the window.
Lunar Eclipse 2
The lunar eclipse was pretty neat, but moonrise that night was fabulous. It amazes me that you can see the moon every night, and it’s just there hanging in the sky as usual, and you don’t really care. But then, every now and then, it rises huge and round and catches your eye and you go still inside for a moment – you have a ‘wow’ moment.

“Wow,” you say to anyone nearby, or maybe just to yourself. “Check out the moon tonight!” And you get this big rush of pleasure, and probably find yourself grinning foolishly.

At least I do. 🙂


  1. Mostly Kelia and I watched it. Anna and Erin popped in and out but it didn’t hold their attention. We had Kelia’s telescope, my digiscoping stuff, and my camera on a tripod all clustered around the back deck door.

  2. I tried to put this into the comment but it didn’t take.

    Eclipse: full

  3. looks like sci fi.

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