Posted by: Sally Ingraham | February 16, 2008

My Holmes/Watson Complex

I find it somewhat amusing that I can be so observant, and then at other times so very unobservant. I bought a bracelet the other day that has letters that flip to spell Holmes on one side and Watson on the other to celebrate my complex personality. (Made by a librarian friend of mine, buying the bracelet is also an act of charity. I am supporting her book habit!)

Bar Harbor CanalI have driven up and down Spring St. in Bar Harbor numerous times, but until yesterday when I walked that same route, I had never noticed the vigorous stream that flows beneath the road and then skirts the ball field and dives under Main St., where it passes a little white house, the water now bound on both sides by stone walls. Standing there looking in astonishment at this picture, I felt as though I was beside a canal somewhere in France.

I can’t wait for spring. I want to return to that spot when the trees that hang their branches over the canal have tiny vibrant green leaves on them, and the house looks freshly whitewashed. It will be my little pretend vacation to France.

Maine EvergladesWalking with my camera in my pocket tends to make me very observant. I become a collector, searching for anything interesting of beautiful. I have found that taking pictures awakens my imagination too. With the lens of my camera I can frame a chunk of the world and see it as itself, or just as easily find myself transported somewhere else – France, or Florida!

Doesn’t this look like the Everglades? 🙂


  1. It looks nothing like the Everglades. It looks like Guam.

  2. Guam, you say? I guess it’s just a well traveled piece of someone’s yard.

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