Posted by: Sally Ingraham | January 19, 2008

Ursula and 1900

It rained yesterday and sleeted and hailed, and was in most ways kind of nasty. Then the weather cleared off and the sun came out right around 3 o’clock – when I had to leave for work. Typical.

At Reel Pizza Cinerama we were all ready and braced for a busy night, as the movies Waterhorse, and No Country for Old Men were opening. A kid movie and a highly anticipated film for the grown-ups. It turned out to be a casual crowd though, so we assume that everyone will be coming tonight instead. Fortunately, I don’t have to work tonight! I might in fact contribute to the madness, if I decide to attend No Country.

Or I might stay home and read. I am making my way through Ursula Le Guin’s science fiction writings. I have read most of her books – all of her fantasy, I think all of her short story collections, and even one book of stories set in the real world (which was a rather strange experience). Now I have reached the last frontier, and some of her most well known books. I have a monster tome that includes five books, and I am working on the second. It is endlessly refreshing to read Le Guin’s work – on every subject she writes intelligently, beautifully, fascinatingly. I can lose myself in her words more completely than I can with any other author, because there is nothing false to be found there.

I lost myself in a similar way yesterday in a movie – The Legend of 1900. It is about a piano genius who was born and lived his whole life on an ocean liner, never once taking a step on land. Played by the talented Tim Roth, 1900 (the character’s name) experienced life through his music, and in the end could only make sense of the world by expressing himself on the piano. The music in the movie is wonderful, both the score and the piano playing of 1900. It is a little bit sad and a little bit funny and a little bit inspiring and a very good movie. To anyone who enjoys music I would highly recommend it, and most other people would probably like it as well.

Now I must be off to the grocery store to pick up the materials I need to do some baking. Shall I make lemon squares or a raspberry tart or cheesecake or cherry pie? The options are delicious…and numerous. 🙂

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